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Very closed minded assholes with a penchant for all that is goth , lame and goth and gay and shitty and dark and evil and pussified.Anything that is not all goth and faggy sounding and/or looking the metal head will attack with intense hatred.Metal heads are goth fags who hate rock.The evidence for this is in how militantly they support all things goth and shitty sounding/looking while badmouthing the shit out of anything that isn't all dark and shitty and goth.
Metal Heads are fucked up little snot=nosed mama's boys/rich punks who have no ear for music and have no musical taste.They go by 'goth' alone when deciding on what constitutes 'metal' music.Whether or not the music is any good or not never enters into it.It's all about how goth it is and to me that means SHIT MUSIC but the metal head will swear up and down by this GOTH NOISE/SHIT MUSIC and defend it adamantly by stating how awesome the guitar solo is.I hope you now understand how metal heads are really militant GOTH FAGS who hate ROCK!!!!
by buttpluggers must die March 02, 2006

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