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the only camp that runs and operates in a methodist church parking lot. the sports specialist activities include: dodgeball, dodgeball, and more dodgeball, due to the lack of cooperation from fellow staff members. story time involves the reading of one book throughout the entire camp season followed by "dead worms." nature was comprised of a pseudo-art class for the children who enjoy dirt (no one could distinguish the difference between art and nature-only that nature had drawings of bugs). art, on the other hand, consisted of numerous activities of which counselors slept through and felt no need to asist with. art was usually meshed with music, during the dance parties. music was comprised of the ever-popular "dell-pod" and the random, eclectic musical tastes of the music specialist. drama was very dramatic.

the ever popular water sports always ended in tragedy, along with many of the camp trips (ie. jeepers!). counselors never attend to camper needs, but instead say "go with a buddy."

the motto of camp summer fun: "camp is for the counselors, not the campers."

the directors: oh dear..
Just because it's CALLED camp summer fun, doesn't mean you're supposed to have fun.
by boston students January 22, 2006

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