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An area in West London where all the immigrants hide and reside. If they're not immigrants their parents most likely are. Every guy you see is some wet (Somali/Asian mostly) roadman who deals and smokes on the daily n every girl is some Asian level chav or a polish teen mum on benefits w a collection of Juicy tracksuits. Most immigrants are undocumented so they fuck and marry some polish girls to get papers but then divorce them, most likely why you see so many of em pregnant n single around here. It's impossible to not see a crackhead roaming around every time you enter this town, they're everywhere. Oh, and it smells like tar and piss.

But honestly, behind all that shit, Hayes is sick. You experience so many things and the people are so diverse so you don't get much racism apart from the occasional sweaty white bald man who stops at the pub n tells you to go back to your country but that's about it. It's not close to perfect but you learn to admire all the imperfections and once you live here for a while you won't wanna leave.
person 1: what's Hayes like?

person 2: it's like when you see a buff girl but when you look close up she's butters. but when you hang w her you notice that all those flaws are just a part of who she is n you find her buff but in a different way init, like it means something rather than just some bird who looks piff but has dead convo. and her pum might smell like tar and piss but once you get to eating that shit its like licking a sweet ass lollipop.
by boonk shit August 08, 2017

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