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The worst of the worst. A bottom feeding scum-sucking shit-eating douche. A person who has no bit of respect for anyone or anything. Always gives you the stink eye no matter what. A fucking asshole will always twist the story or tell half-truths to make it seem like he didn't do a damn thing wrong. Struts around like his shit doesn't stink. But the truth is they are fucking nothing. Even their family think's they are nothing. If you ever come across a fucking asshole please don't hesitate to beat them profusely with a tire iron and then douse them in gasoline and light them on fire. Once they ignite in flames you may laugh your ass off and be disgusted on why they were allowed to live this long. To put out the fire you may piss on the ashes.
Joe Lieberman
My boss
My ex-girlfriend(see tramp, skank, whore, bitch, cunt).
98% of my highschool and college population.
people who download torrents but don't bother to seed them (see leecher).
Bill O' Reilly
Lars Ulrich

All of the above are fucking assholes.
by bob on my knob July 23, 2006

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