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The most boring state in the nation... There's not much to be proud of here except for maybe the "culture" in KCMO- "the plaza" or "downtown"... That's pretty much it... There's at least 1 Robery every night (probably because of all the black people) in kcmo other than Kansas city out in western Kansas there is absolutely nothing to do there is just wheat farms and no trees at all. It's just windy and that's it. It seems that all the towns in western Kansas are just out of touch from the rest of the world and are just small cow towns that have about 3 comfort inn's and at least 5 gas stations. Also the majority of "those" people (people living in western Kansas) seem to be fat Hicks that sit around on the porch all day and smoke cigarettes. Oh and our football team (the chiefs) suck more than ever
Wow dude Kansas sucks there's nothing to do here
by black mexican white guy December 12, 2011
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