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A 22-35 yr old Long Island native who has all the qualities of the traditional Brooklynite hipster (track bike, tight clothes, PBR,mustache, tattoos, etc) although is still an avid follower, if not actual member, of one of the hundreds of juvenile "emo/pop punk/hardcore" bands originating from although not exclusive to Long Island. Being in one's 20's or 30's and still very much wanting to go to or have one's band actually play the Warped Tour or Bamboozle Fest also qualifies one a Long Island Hipster. See: Brand New, Glassjaw, Gym Class Heroes, Fall Out Herb, Taking back Monday,Bayside, The Sleeping etc. Many of these LI hipsters have roots in a town on Long Island called East Meadow and surroundng area's. They often drink in a bar called The Leaky Lifeboat Inn in Seaford, Long Island. Actually moving to Brooklyn is a long term goal of the Long Island Hipster.
LI Hipster: Yo Brand New is gonna play the Warped Tour this year!

BK hipster: Uh what am I a freshman in high school? I can't handle that Long Island Hipster sh*t. We're both 25 dude!

LI Hipster: Yeah but those guys still make mad loot and get mad ass!

BK hipster: You're right but they still have to run around singing to a bunch of grammar school kids when all them dudes are well into their 30's now. Those bands remind of Free Credit Score.com commercials.


LI hipster: You wanna go to the Leaky Lifeboat tonight?

Actual Cool person: The music there is so goddam loud and the Long Island Hipsters always take over the juke box after 10 O'clock. It's a bar and all and people are drinking but it always feel like a fourteen year old is djing at that place. Its like being in a Tony Hawk video game or some sh*t. No screaming Long Island Hipsters for me tonite man.
by beaming with intelligence July 10, 2012

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