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The concept that you need to have a minimum of 2 strong curse words or a lewd description of a sexual act to make Urban Dictionary's "word of the day".
Due I put up this awesome definition for slatterpuss that I thought would totally rock the Word of the Day but it Urban Missed.
by bakatbakastakat.cz November 11, 2009

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n. - used to describe someone whose body of knowledge extends way beyond expert status. This is guy who the gurus climb the mountain to go ask a question.
Dude, my iPhone kept crapping out on me and it took 3 geniuses scratching their heads before we went to go see the man on the mountain. Problem solved.
by BakaTBakaSTakaT.Cz October 10, 2009

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Justice Sonia Sotomayor. Justice from the block, replacing JLo as the preeminent Bronx rep.
Yo, what up? JSo got us some mad rep on the bench, yo. Bronx in da house!
by bakatbakastakat.cz July 11, 2009

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n. A person who elected to ex-patriate themselves around the time of the 2004 elections and are now returning to find a distressed housing market, rock bottom mortgage rates, collapsed stock market and other circumstances that are ripe for exploiting when exchange rates on the dollar are strongly in your favor.
With four more years of Bush looming, Bill left in 2005 to work in Malaysia and is now returning as an expatbagger. He bought a $2M estate for $1.2M...with cash.
by bakatbakastakat.cz December 03, 2008

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When use das the last letter in a word, the letter D has a tendency to separate and stick to the next wor din the sentence. That shoul dnot happen.
My resume was tight except for the damn sticky D.
I shoul dhave used spell checker.
by bakatbakastakat.cz May 30, 2007

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n. - the nap babies take when breast feeding. These often only last for the time period during direct contact with the boob, however may be skillfully parlayed into a full crib nap by a series of deft maneuvers.
Dad: Did the little boo get a nap today?
Mom: No he only boob snoozed for about 15 minutes.
by bakatbakastakat.cz May 29, 2007

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n. Any situation entered into with sparse or inaccurate information that creates an inescapable entanglement often with severe economic penalties and/or lasting scars.
My last date was such an iWreck. I should have been warned by their blurry MySpace picture and unwillingness to schedule over the phone. S/He didn't even offer to split the dinner bill for that $$$ restaurant. Mission Failed.
by bakatbakastakat.cz October 13, 2008

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