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1. Mama Trauma is a state of mind for those of us who are dazed and confused about this silly and traumatic predicament we call parenting. Evidenced by a dazed look, the eyes slightly unfocused and wide, the dark circles and bloodshot sclera. Also known as PTS, Post Trauma Syndrome. The difference is the mother is living behind the enemy's lines every day of their life for the first eighteen years.

2. Mama Trauma is an on-going humor column of edgy humor geared towards all of us who are parents. It began in 1992 and is copyrighted by HM Kalmanson Epstein

3. Mama Trauma refers to the public persona of an author who writes the Mama Trauma columns.

4. These definitions should replace the earlier versions from 2006.
She was doing alright until the baby was born but now she's got Mama Trauma.

Mama Trauma is a common state of mind for a mother, especially during the first six months of the infant's life.
by baepstein September 18, 2007
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