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A street gang made up of young kids who have disfuctional homes. They have found power and safty by sticking togather in the streets. they get wepons and illegal gun from gun runner and drugs from drug dealers. both of which are most of the time blue colar white men. If you want to stop street gangs you have to stop what creates them. wich is the lack of saftey in there hood and good jobs for there family's. And make a task force to bust these crooked politions, that gain of the violance and drug use.
Through government contracts for the prison systems
that pay so much per head, not to mention slave labor.
but untill that happen we will be out here doing what
we have to, to provide justic to the fallen and family
to those that dont have one.

baby 80 619 skyline piru
peace love (respect) mad love to those who fell victum
to the game. rather it be on the streets or in prison.
bloods, bloodz, bedown, bloodz, skyline,piru,59brim,licoln parkbloodz, uptownbloodz, syndo mob
by baby 80 March 06, 2006

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