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What the hell was Nickolodean thinking?! I watched the fuckin show for 3 minutes and I started crying...I kid you not...everything was sooooo fake...giant dorm rooms...really smart kid is freakin popular...all they are worried about is "omg!!! i think i just broke my nail!!" well boo-fuckin-hoo, it'll fuckin grow back wount it!?
Oh, and the icing on top of the cake; "its britney bitch!"'s sister...that alone makes me want to hurl my tv out the window...
Zoey 101: Ohemgee, i broke a nail. what should I do!

Nerdy Girl: oh no!!! here are 3oo bucks!!! go get your self a mani, mmk???

Zoey: oh thanks!! your the best!!
*drives off in hot pink mustang on a beach (wtf) to the mall*
ohemgee!!! the mall is closed!!! oh whatever should i do now!?!!? life is not worth living if i have a non manicured nail!!!
*drives into ocean and is never heard from again (i wish)*
by b!tchlover October 05, 2007
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