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Very controversial topic in the U.S.

There are many sides to this policy.

First of all people only show anger towards blacks for this, but it also gives large unfair advantages towards women in male dominated fields such as engineering etc.

AA should only be legal for socioeconomic reasons, because poorer people really have more of a disadvantage in life and college admissions.

Honestly unless it has to do with economic status, it is total bullshit because men get no sort of leeway into making it into English majors, but women get a huge advantage going into the physical sciences.

White people bitch the most about AA (with good reason), but nowdays Asians take the hit more than any other race.

If you are an Asian/Indian male... you are screwed, only the best will survive.

This bullshit ruins good schools, but they still get higher rankings because rankings factor in AA when ranking.

This is why AA ruined MIT is higher up than Godlike Caltech (which does no AA).

Fuck AA if it doesn't have to do with econmic status and don't bother bitchin about it if you are not Asian or Indian male (like me)

Oh Asian women take a little bit of the hit aswell and some rich white nerds.

Black people get a huge boost into Stanford, but thats it
Me: yo bitch, I got rejected from MIT with a 1560/1600 SAT

Ugly ho: I got in with a 1230 because I wrote an essay bitchin about how hard it is to be a girl in the physical sciences

Me: Thats Affirmative Action bitch (then kills ho)

The end
by azzajack January 18, 2010

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