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A man amongst snakes
“If bitches are snakes, I’m an Eagle”
by austinjmiller February 21, 2018

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A prep that acts like he doesn’t smoke weed.
Randy comes off as an All American Boy, but he’s actually Incogweedo.
by austinjmiller March 01, 2018

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When someone tricks you into watching their videos to see gameplay, but there’s no gameplay.
I went on JablinskiGames to see new Trover Saves The Universe gameplay, but I got Jablinskied. Jack Black got us again!
by austinjmiller June 27, 2019

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When you get so high that you start remembering things that you haven’t thought of in years in reverse chronological order.
Jetpacking helped Randy remember the name of the girl he kissed at camp in fourth grade.
by austinjmiller February 23, 2020

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