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a pathetic waste of skin and bones that should just kill him self. he has many of many babymamas even tho he is ugly as fuck and old as dirt. he also is in a secret realationship with hes lesbian sister. he had a wonderful wife which he never desirved but somehow luckily got. big suprise he fucked that up. while having three kids with this great woman he cheated multiple times and who knows how much aids he spread and how many babies are running around out there w/o their low life father. after putting his "family" threw tramendious pain (phisically and mentally) his children were forced to see him unfortunatly every tues thurs and everyother weekend. they ignored their pain and tried to make everyone happy. but one of the kids was in his car and stumbled on what do you know, her "fathers" new wedding ring. this worthless, i guess you could call him a man(?) secretly married one of his dirty loose whores. after threatening his 12 year old daughtor he kicked her out of his pathetic waste of a life. she is happy to get of dealing with this phycopaths life but she wishes that when she saw that ring she threw it right in the place it belongs, down the tolet with all the rest of the shit. and then she wishes that she smashed his car then went up to him and kicked him right in the nuts so no more babies will have to go threw the pain that unfortunatly many of us do. so fuck you mike lynn. he is a snake, oh i mean a lawer! what a perfect job for a compulsive liar like mike lynn. dont ever hire mike lynn to be your liar, he will steal your money and your money will just go to his frequent adventures to the strip club and back to the hotel for his babymaking. and if you ever see mike lynn or his latest portugese whore maria lynn, kick em in the nuts for me :D thanks and i hope you die a long painful death with your new family. fuck you
F U mike lynn
by asdfasdfasdfasdffff August 23, 2008
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