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Her name means "Bamboo woven basket" She's the "main" female charater in InuYasha, an "avrage" (more like Mary Sue) 15 year old who gets pulled into a well and you know the rest of the story...

She may have some good points but she's an annoying Damsesl in Distress who depends on Inuyasha a we bit too much and really needs to chill out insted of abuseing Inuyasha with the sit command (but sometimes he dose deserve it) she should also quit meddling and mind her own bussiness and go back to her own time and be with Hojo
"Don't flatter yourself I got no intrest in lookin' "- Inuyasha to Kagome while she was trying to get him to look at her



"So you where with Kikyou again wrent you?"
by anti kagome January 12, 2006
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