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Tower Hill is a private snobby ass school with about 4 black kids, maybe 5 asians, and about 670 white kids. They have a very strict dress code for their kids- the high schooler have to wear "Moo Moos"( large oversized t shirts) to cover any offending body part: shoulders, ankles, etc. Not known for its hot guys, most of the girls turn to the nearby school Tatnall for their hot and heavy love sessions. A tower hill evening would consist of 1) Alchohol, and lots of it...these kids be gangsta 2) a few porsches
3) maybe a house party of too like freshman billy (the little punk didnt even get in trouble for trashing his house)
4) Tatnall boys, god knows TH boys arent worth the time, even when ur shitfaced
one moo moo was once given for less than an inch of midriff. Tower Hill just cannot handle their students rockin bods.
by anonymous 2 May 08, 2005
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