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Love Of My Life= LOML the ONE person in your life who you truly loved and will always love no matter what.
I broke up with my boyfriend many years ago. He was the LOML and I never got over him, even though I married someone else and had kids and everything.
by annieoakely120 April 16, 2010

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A Toilet Read is a book or magazine that stays in the bathroom/toilet area and is read when one is sitting on the toilet.
I don't often have time to read books due to my heavy schedule. However I always manage to pick up my "toilet read" and read a few pages every day while I'm on the toilet.
by annieoakely120 August 30, 2010

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The ultimate and ONLY party planner. The Omnipotent creater of the universe. The "Star" of the hit novel, "The Bible". He may be a "being", or some sort of "explosive energy" that started the ball rolling in this creation experience that we are all going through. Good or bad, SOMETHING started the spark. Call it God or whatever. He continues to "create" on a daily basis, or else nothing would exist. It is said "Man plans and God laughs". The "energy" or "force" behind the forces of the world: earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanoes, hurricanes, tornados, etc.
It is said, "Man plans and God laughs". I planned a big party in my back yard with a band and catered food. The day of the party it rained and stormed, so the party had to be cancelled. I guess God had other plans for me that day!
by annieoakely120 April 22, 2010

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