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Ouch: Used to express sudden pain or dis-pleasure.
When your husband comes home from work and says in a manic, pissed off voice, shrill voice in front of your children, "We don't have any fucking money and you 10 years ago sold your 401k to pay off our credit cards and we had to file bankrupcty and we still have no fucking money!" And all you can say is , "Ouch" and walk away.

When your husband wakes up in the morning and says he overslept 10 minutes and he feels tired and it is your fault because you had sex with him the night before and it is his fault. And you say "Ouch" and walk away bow legged.

When your Sister keeps calling you and you have been sober for three days and you have not slept for three days and you forgot your estrogen patch and have had night sweats and she keeps telling you on the phone you sound drunk, and you say, "Ouch" and hang up and tear off your estrogen patch and say FUCK YOU!
by annabelle leebelle February 15, 2012
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