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The term "f.s.d." refers to "fake scene dome".
Devonte Clark &Sam Mcgayscott created the term.
It is used to determine the girls who give "dome" to members of bands that are "hardcore".
Person 1 "Did you like that Bury the Ocean concert Saturday?"
Person 2 "Yeah except for all those F.S.D. girls who would give dome to everyone but Sam"
by amanda coberly May 15, 2008
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The scene is an eco-system consisting of scene babies, straight-edge kids, hardcore kids, &f.s.d.
The scene babies mainly feed on a plant called Blue Onion (a secret blend of herbs &spices &local bands which started the scene) which they eat because they are vegan. They have sex with only other scene babies &involuntarily have sex with hardcore kids. They serve no real purpose. While the straight-edge kids spend a majority of their time in a coffee shop feeding on coffee beans, they do not reproduce with anyone because it's against their morals. (Their symbol for straight-edge usually consists of three x's "XXX"). Hardcore (aka "hxc") kids are found mainly at Cornerstone &wherever they can pray on the scene babies. Eating scene babies makes them hard, so they reproduce with them first. They don't have much of a purpose, but they do deliver some pretty sweet break-downs. When it comes down to F.S.D. however, they are only found in concert halls waiting on the availability of band members to give them dome. They wear band shirts such as Chiodos &Boys Like Girls while they deliver this dome. Don't get me wrong, they don't reproduce, only give dome.

This system is based on true logic &The Scene is growing rapidly.

(There are also stoners but they're too awesome to put into the scene system with the others)
hxc kid- "Hey are you a scene baby?"
scene baby- "Yeah why are you hxc?"
hxc kid- "Sure am!"
*scene baby runs away screaming*
f.s.d.- "I'm f.s.d. want some dome?"
hxc kid- "Sure do!"
straightedge kid- "that's not right!"

stoner- "those kids from the scene need to smoke a blunt".
by amanda coberly May 15, 2008
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