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A lying, deceitful, bald, fat, err Gimp who takes money off people for work that is not required on their cars, namely ///M Powered cars. e.g took £6k off someone telling them their vanos was wrecked and he would change it. The gandu didn't touch the vanos and got his gandu brother to increase the fueling so it woudl sort out an idle problem and make it seem like the car was a bit faster.

Also bullshits about the power figures his bum brother Gee can get from remapping cars

Most importantly a world renowned tuner who is in talks with Marvel comics as he is a superhero who can see through solid metal panels at supposedly rotting bushes
err, lets do a mike or laj on this car

lets mike or Laj this car up the arse, err haaard

err, I lajjed mike or laj the car hard maaan
by altuning informer December 06, 2010

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