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1) Something really small and quite pathetic
2) Used to enlongate an insult
A: Your garden is well crummy
B: Shut it ya crummy bastard!
by alex_crewe November 07, 2006
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Person or thing with a monstrously curly hairstyle. His/ her/ or it's hair should be geled to the max and should have a metallic shine.
Hairdresser: hope you enjoy your perm mrs..
Perminator: Yes, and I'll Be Back.
by alex_crewe December 19, 2006
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Freako sex game that involves: 1 loaf of bread, 2 bum holes, and a good aim. One must stretch open their bumhole while the other one tries to insert a small piece of bread into the hole from whatever distance.
Evan: Are you up for some fun tonight sweetheart?
Melissa: Oh yes, let's play crumbs in bums!
by alex_crewe November 16, 2006
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