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1. To gain unauthorized access in a surprise move to an undefended entry point.
2. In the context of the game Risk, to prevent a player from earining the North America bonus on his/her turn, by taking the country of Alaska by Kamchatka.
3. To access a program or computer through opened ports or scripts originally intened to allow the creator(s) special access to software or files.
4. The act of performing non-consensual anal sex.
Sarah: "So next turn I'll be able to get the North America bonus. There's my tactical move to fortify Greenland. I'm done."

Alex: "I'll put my three armies on Kamchatka...Sarah, let's roll for Alaska."

Stuart (pointing): "Ohhhhhhh....you just got backdoored!"
by akwolf January 30, 2006

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1. An excellent film by Guy Ritchie, a sequel to his first filme Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels which protrays a diamond heist in London's gangland.
2. Another slang term for vagina.
Stan:"Who's got Snatch?"
Rachel: "I don't!"
by akwolf January 30, 2006

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