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to the contrary blief, a nigger steak is not chicken. it is rather a cheap, shit quality meat or piece of liver. the reson for it being called a nigger steak is because most black people were poor back in the day and couldn't afford prime grade meats to eat at dinners, so they resorted to a lower grade food such as liver or shit meat.
damn, are you cooking nigger steaks again? spend an extra 2 bucks per pound and get something decent for once.. fuuuuuck!!
by akljsdfjalsdjflaksd March 10, 2010
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any gun, really. preferably something with a lot of punch to it, like a mossberg 500 tactical short barreled shotgun, or a .40 cal smitty. a higher caliber gun. however, any gun can be called a nigga repellant to repel niggaz off you in a tight situation.

note: nigga does not mean nigger in this instance, but means a guy, dude.

the terminology originally comes from the movie Jackie Brown, where Ordell tells Jackie that she's so good looking that when she goes into a bar on a saturday night, she will need a nigga repellant to keep motherfuckers off her.. kind of like a bug spray but for horny men.

in this definition however, this means a gun that keeps fools off you when you're in trouble
guy 1: check this mossy 500 i just bought. shit's sick huh?

guy 2: fuck man! if thats not a nigga repellant, i dont know what is. straight up.


guy 1: if we're going down there im grabbin my nigga repellant with me. im not gettin stuck with a hot one tonight (grabs his 9mm)
by akljsdfjalsdjflaksd March 09, 2010
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noun: a penis that is severely infected with any number of venereal diseases (mostly the worst ones out there like syphillis, clamidia, etc.). A penis that has nasty fluids and puss filled bumps on it and is really the worst thing that can happen to anyone. The reason its called "Vegas Cock" is because not everything that happens in Vegas stays in Vegas (i.e. it comes back with you in your pants).

Coined by A.Ivanov, witnessed by P. Roberts on 8/8/2008
Guy 1: dude i went on a trip to Vegas and fucked a couple a nasty street hookers and I came back with a case of Vegas Cock

Guy 2: fuckin sucks balls dude!
by akljsdfjalsdjflaksd August 08, 2008
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cock cluster is similar in definition to sausage fest or cock fest, a synonym really. it means that a party or event consists predominantly of male participants thus making it a cluster of males or cocks in comparison to females at the event.
Guy 1: holy shit bro, this place is a fuckin cock cluster. i'm steppin over dick with every step.

Guy 2: yeah man, lets ditch this place and go to {another bar/club name here}, i heard there's more pussy there.
by akljsdfjalsdjflaksd February 09, 2010
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1. a person, that resembles one of the family members of the brady bunch, not by looks per se, but mainly by behavior that fits that "perfect, white american" mold.

2. a faggot or a homosexual

3. a pussy of a person, a whimp, a bitch (not female)
1. just talking to that guy gives me the fuckin creeps. that perfect, tv commercial looking face, with his perfect, slicked haircut, his american eagle outfit from his underwear to his sweater, and his radio commercial voice.. fuckin brady buncher, man.

2. dude that guy just bought me a beer at the bar, he was kinda cool.... he's a fuckin brady buncher man, look at him staring at your ass.. holy shit! you're right

3. don't be such a brady buncher, bro. just man up and accept the fact that you're no longer with that whore of an ex-girlfriend of yours. its a good thing you guys broke up. she was fucking half of the staff at the dairy queen on 4th and rural.
by akljsdfjalsdjflaksd March 09, 2010
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the motion of erect or semi erect penis when it swings from side to side when you walk around naked. like when you're having sex all around the house and you need to take the act into the kitchen for whatever reason, as you walk over, the penis in its erect form will swing or swagger from side to side. try it next time!
guy 1: yesterday me and my girl stayed in and fucked all day long. we did it everywhere around the house. she wanted to get fucked on the kitchen counter so as we walked over to the kitchen, i got the cock swagger going on. it turned her on so much that she got on her knees halfway through and started sucking off until i busted in her mouth

guy 2: holy shit dude.. thanks for a graphic representation.

guy 1: hey, thats why we're friends, right?
by akljsdfjalsdjflaksd March 09, 2010
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an ass stamina is the measurement of the ability of a girl (...or a guy) to take an immense amount of pounding (intercourse) in the lower opening of the alimentary canal (i.e. anus or asshole). for anal intercourse lovers, ass stamina plays an important role in the process; the more ass stamina the receiving person has, the more enjoyment both parties (giving and receiving) will get out of the intercourse.
a lot of ass stamina can be seen in people exhibiting the constant need for anal intercourse even after the prolonged, hard pounding has been performed on their anus by the giving party.

my girl sure has a lot of ass stamina. i was going blitzkrieg on that ass for over 30 minutes until i almost passed out and she still wanted me to pound it more. her asshole was gaping so much i could easily fit my fist in it.
by akljsdfjalsdjflaksd March 09, 2010
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