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That guy who sings genocide and holocaust and stuff.
Mom: u the dj put on some tunes
Kid: k mommy (puts on holocaust)
Mom: what kind of-
Kid: shhh mom its lil darkie
by ajwjgsheneh November 25, 2020

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Catfishes can be ANYONE and its super easy to be one. Have you lied about your name? You a catfish. Lied about your work? You a catfish. Basically if your pretending to be somone (real or fake) your a catfish. Why do people catfish? People who font have a lot of friends may catfish or people who were boerd or people who were bullied or people who want love or people who are mean or people who are scammers ECT. Are catfishes cold-hearted? Not nesicarily. Some people try to find dirt or try to see if a bf or gf is cheating and they arnt nesicarily cold-hearted for example. Can i watch any stories of this? YES! Youtubers make stories and there is a show called Catfish mtv hosted by Nev and Kamie (earlier it was Max) and somtimes guest hosts like one time it was Machine Gun Kelly and other people. Catfish is actually exciting and ut can show you red flags by watching! Where can i watch catfish? Mtv and thier youtube channel definitly. Their youtube is MTVcatfish and also MTV . RED FLAGS TO LOOK FOR: not meeting up, not video calling, not calling, asking for money over and over, stuff not adding up, saying thier meeting up some where and then not showing up, ghosting, being sus ect ECT. Does this mean they are definitly a catfish? No.
Chad: Hey look at this hot chick who added me.
Mike: LMAO shes a total catfish
Chad: ugh why the hot ones always fake
by ajwjgsheneh November 25, 2020

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Wet ass pussy.
John: dammmmm chad your girlfriends got a wap
Chad: just like your moms
by ajwjgsheneh October 02, 2020

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Bae is basically someone who your like in love with for example gerard way is bae. People who use "bae " when talking about thier love intrest usually come of as "cringe"
Chad:GOD becky stop calling me that
Becky:whatever bae
by ajwjgsheneh December 27, 2020

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A rockstar is a person who is also a musician specifically a rock musician.
A rockstar is also an energy drink mainly sold at gas stations and 711
Becky: omg John your so good at playing the drums your definitly gonna be a rockstar.
John: ikr *sips on rockstar energy drink*
by ajwjgsheneh December 08, 2020

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fred durst, behind blue eyes, what else is there to say? Limp bizkit is kind of nu metal i guess? hip hop and rap. limp bizkit is from Jacksonville Florida and has a hot asf singer names fred durst.
Chad: yo Lily wanna jam?
Lily: uh sure. Limp bizkit?
Chad: fo sho. i knew i loved u for a reason.
by ajwjgsheneh March 11, 2021

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It was made in like nevada or some shit like that.
There are like boys in this band i think.
They have bad style and r just wanna b emo
Hey theater kid whats up wyd
Theater kid: listing to panic! At the disco
Ew that shit sucks u should listen to better music
by ajwjgsheneh November 28, 2020

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