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When you and some friends are going to a party full of hot single people and your friend wants to bring someone they picked up along the way
Dude - you don't bring sand to the beach!
by ainebaby January 24, 2010

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When a man is so totally repulsed by a woman that when his mate asks him "would you..." he replies with the above.

Similar to "I wouldn't shag her with someone else's dick" or "I wouldn't shag her with a stolen dick"
Girl walking down the street wearing a mini skirt, big boobs bouncing in a tight top, hair flowing. But she's the local bike, everybody has been up her.

Mark: Would you...

James: Fuck off, i wouldn't fuck her with a bag of dicks
by ainebaby October 16, 2010

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Nickname for alcopops. These drinks can be WKD, Bacardi Breezers, VodIce, Smirnoff Ice, Cranberry Snapps, West Coast Cooler Rose.

Any sissy drink aimed at female alcoholic beverage consumers.

Hardcore drinkers, male or female wouldn't be seen dead holding a bottle.
Group of male friends in a nightclub. Paul returns with his round. Included in this round is a bottle of pussy juice. His friends react with laughter.

Jim: "What the fuck! Are you on the pussy juice?"

Paul: "I just like the taste,I fancied something different, it's nice"

Steve: "Fuck off you bender and get something decent into you!"
by ainebaby October 17, 2010

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A mad person, one who will do anything for a laugh. A person who doesn't care what anyone else thinks.
Yeah, get Sam to go out on Saturday night, she's such a rocket head
by ainebaby October 03, 2010

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similar to come backs like 'shove it up your ass' only a bangle is used to insinuate that the other person has a wide bumhole - that a ladies bangle is of similar size
Guy working in a shitty job and is walking out

Boss: "Hey, you haven't worked your full shift, you're only getting wages for the hours you have been here"

Guy: "Stick it up your bangle!"
by ainebaby October 11, 2010

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loose stools that smell most foul, leaves a lingering smell for an hour later - diahorrea that reeks
Two girls in a public bathroom:

Girl one: Oh holy fuck, I'm not going in there!

Girl two: Why, is it stinking?

Girl one: Yeah, some dirty bastard did diareekie in there
by ainebaby October 03, 2010

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The type of person who is washing their hands at the sinks in a public toilet and they notice that another person who has just used the facilities has a string of toilet roll stuck to their shoe and the person is about to go outside with it - so being a toilet samaritan, they save the person from embarrassment and let them know
Girl 1: Excuse me, you have toilet roll on your foot

Girl: Oh God, Thank you, you're such a toilet samaritan!
by ainebaby November 29, 2010

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