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Despite definitions about album labels e.t.c, Indie has become a truly woeful "trend" that emerged during the nineties, characterised mainly by bands with short and uninventive names beginning with "the" and ending with "s". The idea that "indie" kids are intelligent is a myth, purely drumming up discussion that could substitute a donnie darko script.
"Indie" is a condradiction in itself - attempting to be without a label, whilst labelling oneself "indie" at the same time. "Indie" is a trend for the masses, easy to fit in and where everybody looks the same and revolves around a musical taste that is always.... the same.
Various attempts have been made to sub - categorise this type of music to make it sound more interesting.
It could be inferred in this case that "indie" is where nerds find salvation, this idea can be supported in the fact that most indie kids look like a contemporary Austin powers, Simon Amstel or Napoleon Dynamite.
"Indie" girls are normally attractive in appearance, however are up thier own backside and completely caught up in thier trend, most likely be irresistably attracted to males akin to the above.
A sentence spoken by an "indie" kid will most likely contain the words "yeah" "totally" "like" and "legend", accompanied by an annoying laugh.
"Indie" kids, in general, have an appalling sense of humour comprising of terrible in-jokes.
Despite the "indie" versus "emo" debate, it can be set in stone they are as bad as each other.
Any thumbs down ratings on this article will be assumed to fit any of the above categories.

Indie kid: "gwarf"
by actual facts October 07, 2008
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