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All of the definitions are completely incorrect for The Baldwin School. Having an "un-private school" background I can justly define the Baldwin upper school and it's definitley NOT filled with pretty jewish JAPS who are stupid, but it's not filled with ugly smart people either. Yes there are stupid girls there but there are also really smart girls as well. There are ugly girls and pretty girls, but most are average. There aren't a lot of jewish girls, but there are a lot of white trash girls and ghetto girls. I assume that's the administrations way of being "diverse", but it's a load of crap and is bullshit. There are hardly any "main line" girls there, and all of the breadth and class that Baldwin used to be known for has virtually disinegrated. Their only good athletic team is tennis which has been ranked in the 1st or 2nd spot in the Inter-Ac for about five years, mainly due to their coach. The academics are insanely good, but not all of the girls can keep up with it. There are a select few who can or are above par, and those are the ones who usually get accepted to the Princetons and Yales, which is a small percentage of the grade. Since the grades are so small it's basically like a cult. There's also rarely any contact with guys and it feels as if the girls's friendships are forced. Either you give in and accept it for what it is or you seclude yourself and hate it for four years. It's up to you to be a Baldwin girl or not. Many choose to be because there is simply no other option. And as for the AIS and Baldwin rivalry, I think it's absofuckinglutely rediculous. Get over yourselves, both of you.
There are so many different kinds of girls at Baldwin it's practically impossible to define them as "A Baldwin Girl"...but here are the typical personalities of the core people in the grades:
I'm a Baldwin girl--I'm semi egotistical and semi obnoxious, but I try to be nice to everyone and include them, we do all go to Baldwin...
I'm a Baldwin girl--I'm nosy and try to pretend that I'm cool and go to public school, but I don't therefore I have no other friends except girls.
I go to the Baldwin School--I'm smart and nice but kind of shy, therefore I don't have many friends, but I do like my school most of the time and don't complain.
These aren't really correct because they're semi-stereotypical but it'll do.
by abcdefg123 December 20, 2005
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