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A true sport that requires more ability than any non-runner will ever know. It takes hard work and time. Typically you run a 5k or 3.1 miles. Not to be confused with track where there are many different races. Cross Country is definitely a real sport, I don't see anyone else work as hard as runners do. The feeling one gets from finishing a race is impossible to describe, but its the best feeling in the world. Cross country is something that only true runners understand, it takes more than just running, you have to be fit and toned everywhere in your body, you have to have the ability to push through the pain, it takes endurance and stamina, but most of all it takes will power. You have to be willing to try.
Cross Country - my sport is you're sports punishment.

The will to achieve means nothing without the will to believe.

Our shoes have more miles than your car.
by a true athlete xc October 23, 2011
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