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there the sweetest thing on earth , la duh. when they're guilty , for some reason there kind dreams about it and feel bad about their wrongs afterwards. They get along with almost everyone , hardly dislikes people. VERY PICKY !! So make sure you know their menus before taking them out. They love to make weird theories about things that happen in their life and are SO certain of them even if they are completely wrong and absurd. They are usuakky vietnamese which means that they are TOO smart. Like in math and science and geography, too smart. They are really good in art aswell. They hardly ever have problems and don't usually mate. If you ever see one with the opposite sex, it's because they're REALLY into them. But anyways .. at the end of the day, they are the best thing ever that will ever walk into your life. No matter whatever happens, they will NEVER walk out on you.
a best friend would be defined as tracy tranny , or a tranny
by a kaati , a witness January 07, 2011

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