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when playing super smash brothers, captain falcon destroys you.

being "owned" by captain falcon.
ha i falcowned you, serves you right for choosing pikachu!
by Zippiot December 12, 2005
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Like saying goodnight g'night but instead of a full night's rest, you are taking a nap.
The hike this morning wrecked me, gonna lay down; g'nap.
by Zippiot March 26, 2010
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acting in a "retarded" manner, causing one to lose all ability to behave intelligebly.

-coined by jono
Your retardocity wont save you from the monsters!
by Zippiot December 11, 2005
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During a game of paintball when many people pop their heads up out of the bunkers at different intervals. Looks like whack-a-mole.
If we aren't prairie doggin the blue team we wont be able to find their snipers!
by Zippiot July 21, 2006
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