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1.(vulgar) An incompetent individual; one who errs frequently.
He is such a DLR.
2.(vulgar) A severe mistake.
...That DLR totally cost you the chilli shot.

Translations Finnish: kämmäri (slang)
Russian: долбоёб ru(ru) (dolbojób) m. ]

Verb to DLR (third-person singular simple present DLR, present participle DLRing, simple past and past participle DLR'd)
1.(intransitive) (slang) To make a mistake, to go wrong
You really DLRd this time.
2.(transitive) To botch or make a mess of
I DRL'd my line in that scene.
3.(transitive) to injure or damage
I DRL'd my spinal cord while making that amazing human pyramid in bath.
by Zimmee Zimmee March 29, 2011
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