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A shantel is someone who always thinks that she is right. Doesn't like anyone, and will do anything to get a guy to like her. She likes to be two-faced and a whore. She usually gets STD's from people because she sleeps around so much. She has bad teeth, nasty black hair, and never showers. She doesn't have any true friends. People are only friends with her because they are scared she will hurt them, but in reality she is a big pussy who is all talk. She will never amount to anything in life. She steals money from her parents to buy drugs. She only gets guys because she puts out. She is loud and annoying. She will always be a loser. She has a horrible temper and likes to insult people to make herself feel better. She lies about everything that she can possibly think of.
"Hey, did you guys hear that Shantel beat that girl up?"

"It's only because she took a cheap shot."
by Yourlifeisfucked November 22, 2011
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