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Something that is unfavorable to a particular individual or group of people. It can be used similarly to the use of the word bullshit. ns is the abbreviation of the word. It can also be used to refer to things or peoples actions that are ratty.
Man that was some nigshit back there, I can't believe we got negged from that party for no reason.

That's some nigshit, how in the world did the Pats lose to the Giants in the Super Bowl?

Dude he pulled some major ns not calling us back after he told us he would, what a rat.
by Ya boy is fresh July 19, 2009
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Getting rejected or denied access to a certain place, generally from a social event such as a party. Comes from the made up verb "neg"
Man I'm pissed we got negged from that party last night, me and Joey go way back, I can't believe he would neg us like that

Pauly you're not gonna really neg us are you? You remember when I let you into that ripper I threw last year right?
by Ya boy is fresh July 25, 2010
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