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the red sox are the best team in baseball..they owned the yankees (chokees) in the alcs..almost got swept but then kicked there sorry cheating asses..then swept the cards in the WS..we danced on the chokees lawn and in front of there pathetic fans and all a-rod (dora) could do was sit and cry because he is a little girl who likes to slap balls out off ppl's hands LOL WHAT A GIRL
Bill: Hey did you hear the medical association is coming out with a new choking symbol??

Chuck: No, what is it?

Bill: The yankee sybombol HAHAHAHA

Chuck: HAHAHAHAHA why is that again?

Bill: because they completed the biggest choke evah in mlb history against the RED SOX

Chuck: wow they must suck really bad

Bill: yea they do, they cheat to..A-rod slaps balls and jason giambi uses steriods and so does gary sheffield

Chuck: man the RED SOX must be really good..the yankees are so bad

Bill: duhhh the RED SOX owned them..i mean absolutley kicked their sorry cheating asses hahahahahahaahah YEAR 2000! YEAR 2000! YEAR 2000! YEAR 2000!!!

Chuck: i love this, the RED SOX rule

Bill: duh

Tom(in a chokees hat): well if it hadnt been for riveria blowing 2 saves in a row..we would have won

Bill and Chuck: YEAR 2000! YEAR 2000! yankees suck! yankees suck! biggest choke evahhhhhH!!!!!! WOOOOO HOOOO GO RED SOX!!!

by YANKEES SUCK GO RED SOX December 27, 2004

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