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'come in for a coffee' : a familiar deceptive invite that we all know but the example should clarify further..
At the doorstep of Ella the Experienced after a first date.

Johnny the Virgin - hey Ella thanks for a great night I've had a lot of fun
Ella the Experienced - so.. wanna 'come in for a coffee'?
Johnny the Virgin - hmm well I have work in the morning so I guess it couldn't hurt for the drive home..

20 seconds after entering the front door both are stripped and Ella is percolating Johnny's wood.
by xeriphisM April 16, 2010
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Marhsmallow that has been inserted vaginally, as part of an exercise in foodforeplay.
After a dirty weekend :

Renee : holy shit becky I have the worst thrush from the weekend, we had pussmallows and champagne though it was hot, but I'm spewing that Travis didn't like eating my Pussmallow. What a wimp hey?
by xeriphisM April 15, 2010
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1. - An unwanted baby conceived mistakenly at any time with or without being in a drunken or drug induced state.
Michelle : Oh my god I'm going give you a little bundle of joy Subotai, I love you so much...

Subotai : That's wonderful darling, I'll be back in a while. *thinking : Oh fuck me drunk another expensive bundle of accident dragged screaming into the world, I can't take it anymore, the wedding was bad enough, shit. it is OVER.*

30 seconds later Subotai's screaming heard as he fails to fly to safety from the 30 fatal floors of their one bedroom walkup apartment.
by xeriphisM April 16, 2010
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to have an argument of epic proportions
holy fuck man I was at my mates place the other night, his goobin bitch came in and she was fuming, it was a fuckin Housplosion man!!
by xeriphisM August 26, 2008
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to hold a monopoly on indoctrination and claim that any rejection of such indoctrination is 'blasphemy'
Gary : you know I think religion is just a bunch of lies


Gary : your attempt to silence me for disagreeing with you with a word created by your 'religion' is an epic fail, yeah whatever, your monoctrination stops here, and now.
by xeriphisM December 11, 2008
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A person with a massive fear of falling in love

A person with fears of committing to someone

A person who fears of being with someone for anything emotionally involved...
Dave : ahhh she seems nice man you should ask her out...
Charles : dude I'm amorophobic
Dave : ahhhh so just use her as a fuckbuddy perhaps?

Wayne : I heard you split up with Sarah?
Terry : ahh mate everything was going really well then soon as it started to get more serious she just flipped out
Wayne : dude she's an amorophobic hoe don't worry about her..
by xeriphisM February 14, 2008
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to be without any other religion than the belief in yourself.
"yeah fuck god, I practice aloneism"
by xeriphisM September 02, 2007
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