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Lene's are quiet and shy at first but when you get to know them they're quite outgoing and crazy! You are very lucky if you meet one because they will be very loyal to you. They will lie to you only to keep you out of harm or to not insult. They will, however tell you the truth if you annoying them or hurting them in any way. Lene's speak there opinion to only people they're comfortable around or if they really don't like what you're doing or like and want to annoy you. They are very beautiful with amazing personalities that you'll want to be friends with her.
Person 1: Why is she the new girl so shy?
Person 2: Oh, her I'm friends with her.
Person 1: Why would you be friends with a shy person?
Person 2: She's really outgoing when you get to know her!
Person 1: So, should I talk to her?
Person 2: Yeah, you'll like her, she's a Lene.
by writergirl November 27, 2013
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