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Black Lives Matter: The social movement advocating the view that the lives of blacks-matter more than other lives to include those who are the victims of black on white crime.
In an effort to draw attention to their questionable cause, representatives of Black Lives Matter set about disrupting activities at social and political events across the United States in 2015 and then , to their supreme mystification, were befuddled by the backlash they generated which they attributed to racisim.
by Wood Bee Righter April 02, 2016

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Date: An audition for sex.
In preparation for his big date, Johnny brushed his tooth with great care.
by Wood Bee Righter April 12, 2016

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1) A person unwilling to apologize for a sound understanding of the huge disproportion of black representation as perpetrators of crime,their disproportionate composition of prison populations and as the recipients of social programs relative to their own population when compared to the total population in its totality.A white person unwilling to accept responsibility for the above listed facts as being the result of ongoing white suppression of blacks and other minority groups despite a half century of "Affirmative Action" and other such programs.
2) A white man who, upon coming home from work discovers his wife being raped and brutalized by a black male and calls the police after shooting him.
3) A white woman uninterested in having sex with a black male
4) A person who harbors negative preconceptions about a population based only upon their race.
5) An excuse for not getting ones way
"She a racist bitch for saying she don't want to go out with me."
by Wood Bee Righter October 25, 2015

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The visual reinforcement of negative racial stereotypes.
Tyrone was mystified why the job of City financial adviser was not offered to him after his job interview to which he arrived wearing the ghetto look.
by Wood Bee Righter October 24, 2015

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A single thicket of hair bordering the forehead.
My first wife's unibrow is the envy of caterpillars world wide.
by Wood Bee Righter October 25, 2015

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