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A term perceived as insulting by many werewolves, especially feminist werewolves. In addition to being associated with bad Hollywood stereotypes, the word "wolfman" is sexist as it neglects all female werewolves. In light of the recent movie starring Benicio del Toro, female werewolves have begun fervent protests against the blatant use of outdated terms.

Non-sexist terms which should be substituted for "wolfman" include:
-wolfmyn (used by werewolves who espouse radical feminism)
(Example One - From the Werewolf Declaration of Independence)
Document: We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all wolfmen are created equal...
Female scholar: The use of "wolfman" in this document is archaic and demeaning toward female weres!

(Example Two - Conversation between a werewolf and her boyfriend.)
Feminist werewolf: Don't you understand how "wolfman" discriminates against the majority of werewolves, but how "wolfmyn" is inclusive?
Boyfriend: I do, but it's still a stupid misspelling.
by Wolfmyn For Equality February 02, 2010

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