3 definitions by WiveHaverWally

A man not many people know about. Mystery surrounds him and legend has it he is invincible. Only one man has killed him, BigMuscleBill.
He is just as mysterious as hitnrun28
by WiveHaverWally July 05, 2021
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DavidTheBobster is a mysterious being, much like hitnrun28, of whom he is associated with in ways not known to man. He lives in the depths of the Ligon Forest, located in the country of Sugon. He feeds himself with only feral cats and wild Gulpon mushrooms. He only makes contact with his friend Joe, speaking in Sugondese.
He is so weird, just like DavidTheBobster.
by WiveHaverWally August 06, 2021
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A Minecraft player who strikes fear into the hearts of many. He is an incredibly good minecraft player and he is very handsome. Plays on 2b2t Australia
That guy is nearly as cool as BigMuscleBill
by WiveHaverWally July 05, 2021
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