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1) A huge bitch-ass nigga, where no matter what happens they cannot change the fact that they are a BITCH-ASS NIGGA!

2) Any fast-food sauce where its taste is/would/can never meet the standard of any other type of sauce.

Adv. Adj. N.
Weak Sauce Nigga: Yo y'all heard dat?

Everyone Else: What are you talking about?

Weak Sauce Nigga: I thinks dats da PO-lice!!

Everyone Else: Nah you're bugging!

Weak Sauce Nigga: You know this da time when dem pigs are out, trying to crack down on niggas smoking pot!

Everyone Else: NAH! You're bugging!!

Weak Sauce Nigga: Nah imma dip, dat shit aint no joke!

(weak sauce nigga leaves)

*Everyone else finishes the fat blunt

Everyone Else: Yo that nigga is WEAK SAUCE, that was nothing but a raccoon in the trash can.

Moral of the Story: You got a FAT BLUNT going and you bail cause you hear a fucking sound. You are WEAK SAUCE!
by Witnesser To Weaksauce November 03, 2011
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