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The battle cry for Outsiders on the internet when they want the vile Normies to leave.... wherever they find 'em.
by Windows Error November 14, 2017
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A meme strat in CS:GO where everyone on T-side buys Dual Beretttas and crab-walks up banana. This is usually done when your team has a RIDICULOUS lead, like, you’re NiP (Ninjas in Pyjamas) vs. some trash no-name team, and you can do any other meme strats.
Seeing how we had a lead of 13-0, we decided to humiliate the other team and do the NiP Crabwalk.
by Windows Error February 22, 2018
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Pinky is a demon from the armies of Hell (Yes, you heard me) that appears in every game that is titled "DooM", a game which has been loved by millions across the globe.

Pinky has been a part of DooM since the first installment, and its attack is to merely charge at you to deal lotsa damage.

Pinky has ALWAYS been easy to take out; you could just sweep the entire room of Pinkies. Then DooM 2016 came out...

Nowadays, Pinky is armored everywhere BUT behind him, thus he'll take very little damage, even with a well placed headshot. Good thing there's the Chaingun, Super Shotgun, and later the BFG you can use, and you can jump over them. Even so, the guys who made DooM 2016 made a formidable opponent out of what was once a puny, one-shot demon.

Need more info? Just look it up, there's an entire Wiki page on it.
Doom Guy (Player): Oh, hello Pinky! You're tougher than those other times I've faced you.
by Windows Error October 29, 2017
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In RTS games, “poking” refers to repeatedly selecting a unit, eventually making them say different “annoyed” lines in place of regular lines for dialogue. It simulates that the unit you are clicking on can feel it like being tapping on the shoulder and gets annoyed because of how often you do it. It was first coined by the Grunt in Warcraft: Orcs and Humans, where he yells it aloud when you sometimes select one.
Grunt (Warcraft: Orcs and Humans): Stop poking MEEE!!

Grunt (Warcraft 3): Why you poking me again?!

Bren Carrier (Company of Heroes): Bren here, here, HEREEEEE!!

Airborne (Company of Heroes): You click me one more time and I will FUCKING smoke you.

British Tank Commander (Company of Heroes): Gunner! Point the turret up at that camera in the sky!
by Windows Error November 26, 2019
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Penguins of the Purple Republic are often a-holes who use their vast numbers to overwhelm the many, many people who play Club Penguin. They perform raids on servers, sometimes forming a swastikaout of bots. During raids, they will make VERY loud farts and are constantly drilling. They are purple penguins equipped with jackhammers and moderate armor (construction hat) and for some reason believe in a master race.
ACP member: what is happening
ACP member: *starts inviting agents of other armies*
RPF officer: ACP and PR? Where’s the rest of your squad?
ACP member: That’s the problem: there’s no squad.
PR bots: *fart*
RPF member: Let’s get out of here, man. There’s nothing I can do to help if nobody else is online.
by Windows Error February 6, 2018
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Something that Sgt. Foley will say very often in the mission SSDD which is your only day of actual training in the game: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. Perhaps the most useful feature in a game with such overpowered weapons.

This phrase quickly became a meme along with "Rameriez! X that Y with your Z"
Foley: You've got to pick your targets by aiming deliberately down your sights from a stable stance!

Foley: That's all there is to it. You want your targets to go down, you gotta aim down your sights.
by Windows Error December 16, 2017
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This refers to the M4A4 in the popular game, CS:GO since this is what always pops up on your screen when you inevitably die because of its inability to kill with a headshot.
WTH is this bull? 98 in 4?! I’ll show you 98 in 4!
by Windows Error February 12, 2018
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