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Okay a Denny is a term used for a severe and rare condition to do with your penis in the process of ejaculation. It normally occurs halveway through a hand/blow job or even intercourse. Just before the climax of ejaculation your nerves in your brain can trigger of a chemical and endothermic reaction whic basically makes your cum freeze. Now seeing as the cum freezes whilst it's going through your penis, your penis freezes or gets remarkably cold. Resulting in your erection shrivelling to a very small size, smaller than what it would normally be. The new size of your penis is basically a chode. This is before you ejaculate and this process can take up to four - twelve seconds, depending on different circumstances. I've heard cases of it only taking about two or three to go from big stiffy to the smallest thing he's ever seen.
As you could imagine, halveway through a blow job, that would be very embarrising, but what's more, about 12-17 seconds afterwards, (by this time your partner would of walked off) you go back to your normal size penis and ejaculate manically. Everything you have cums out; literally.
Now the thing is with having a denny, is that it could happen to anyone, at anytime, it's phycological. The more you think about having one, the more you will. It's most likely to affect virgins having sex for the first time, or whenever they first have any sexual experiance, seeing as they'll be at their most nervous.
There are even rumours that if you have a certain dream the night before sex, you are more likely to have a denny. I dunno if this is true or not.
(During a hand job)

Becky: Nathan I never knew how big you were!
Nathan: (thinking to himself) Oh god yeah, I never knew it would be this good, I hope to god I don't have a denny.

(Nathan's cock freezes and contracts.)

Becky: Hey, what the? Where's it gone? Have you cummed? Why's it soo small?
Nathan: I can explain!
Becky: I'm outta here!

(Becky walks off, six seconds later, Nathan just manically creams all over his leg.)
by Will Denny January 16, 2007

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