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Originally used by slave owners, because calling africans black people was unacceptable due to that fact that africans weren't considered to actually be people. Presently used to define that african-americans are still worth less then the dirt they walk on, that they should still be considered property. That they aren't people and were to put on this earth only serve others. Also associates african-americans with crime, theft, violence, ignorance, danger.
Husband: Hide your purse honey, it looks as if there gonna sit that nigger family next to us.

Person#1: It appears as if crime is up 27%
Person#2: It must be all those damn niggers that live here.

Person: Why do all these niggers complain about living conditions and unjust treatment, the only thing unjust was letting them live among us as if they were equals
by Why_Aint_Justice_Life August 18, 2006

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