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The Crips vs. the Bloods of gamers. While we're fighting a war over in Iraq and Afghanistan at home we are screaming and yelling at each other because 360 has more games but Ps3 has Blue-ray.
Ps3 fanboy1: That fuck over there thinks 360 is da bomb, we should go whup his ass.
Ps3 fanboy2: Shh I'm busy watching transformers on Blue-ray!
360 fanboy1: Stupid fucking ps3 fagboys think that Halo sucks the sack, wanna go take a bat to their skulls?
360 fanboy2: Dude shut your trap, I'm about to beat N00bZbOi11234666 on Team Snipers and level up!
. . .
This is the Ps3 vs. Xbox 360 war on a daily basis
by Whiteboy with Flavour July 09, 2009

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