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A person who will say they are a non-conformist even though they indeed are very much conformists. They wear hardcore band shirts, go to shows, hate the government because some punk band told them to, if it's a female expect them not to shave or wear make up. Basically be feminists.
They like to dress in Urban Outfitters and American Apparel even though they all preach the need about non-conformity. They will listen to all the "cool" punk music, for example Andrew Jackson Jihad, and basically just think they are the coolest motha fuckas in town. Keep in mind they are all just huge hypocrites and they want what everyone else wants, to fit in. Contrary to what they say, like always. Basically just a group of hipsters that are good at following trends. They like to look dirty, dye their hair, and get their septums pierced. They ride fixies, are into DIY(do it yourself), saving the environment, and veganism. Lets not forget they all claim to be straight edge, even though they aren't. It's just what the punk bands tell them to do. "Punk" bands: Spoonboy, Johnny Hobo, Andrew Jackson Jihad, Ghost Mice, Against Me, and Paul Baribeau are some examples. You might hear them say up the punks, well FUCK THE PUNKS!
by What a bitch December 09, 2009
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