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The act of having sex with someone and when you finish, you slit there throat after you finish
I was role playing with my wife. My role was a convicted murderer. So when I finished. I grabbed a knife and killed her.
That's what gave me the ultimate finish.
by What do I call myself June 23, 2017
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The guy who purposely puts his squad or team in danger just to earn a medal of honor because daddy never loved him, while the people around him call him a pure jackass and how he did not get court marshalled.
Person 1: God damnit! Briggs almost put us in fucking danger with that close artillery! The fuck is he doing trying to get a medal of dishonor?
Person 2: Yeah. $20 says that he's going to get court marshalled.
by What do I call myself January 28, 2019
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What do expect when says that retard?
Damn. Craig got huge ass forehead, he can project a movie on the soma bitch.
by What do I call myself June 24, 2017
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For when you so pissed off you can't think of anything else to say such as fuck, shit, bitch, god damnit, etc.
Tom: when's the paper due?

Greg: 2 days from now.

Tom: oh come the fuck on! I'm at a lost for words.

Greg: have you tried shit cunt biscuit?

Tom: Ah shit cunt biscuit.
by What do I call myself May 27, 2017
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