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n. The lesser of the two grenades in the game series "Halo". Newbs like to assume that because these grenades 'stick' to enemies that they are better grenades than fragmentation grenades, but any expierenced player can easily avoid them. They lack the 'grenade bounce' effect of frag grenades and therefore are less aesthetic in their usage. The most effective implementation of the plasma grenade is to through a 'hidden' one behind a corner that an enemy will soon approach so they do not see it. This will most likely kill the enemy given that most players seem to hug walls when turning corners and anyone within a 3 foot radius of the plasma grenade will automatically be killed.
Newb: *throughs plasma grenade at sniper*
Pro: *unscoping every two secounds alows him to see approaching grenade* "Haha, fuking newb"
Newb: "Oh, Shit!" *sniped in teh face*
Pro: *notices approaching enemy, tosses plasma behind corner, proceeds to snipe*
Newb: *"Haha, I'll assasinate 'im"* "WTF IS THAT" *killed by Pro by correct usage of plasma grenade*
by Weapon X Ultimate February 06, 2006
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1. n. - The nose of hell or the devil's nose.
2. exclamatory statement - hell no!
"Are you going to make a myspace?"
"hellz noz"
by Weapon X Ultimate January 23, 2006
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