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La isla del encanto. If its so beautiful and enchanted then perhaps ricans should go back. Puerto Rico is an econmic burden to the United States allowing the wild and crazy proud natives to freely wander into the united states (primarily florida) and ruin our lives. They are loud and obnoxious creatures that fail to shut up. As entry #5 stated, they are becoming an infestation. So much so that over 300 of them have negatively thumbed the previous entry.
Boricua "Whuat is de mattel officel?"

Police Officer "I'm giving you a citation for incorrect use of the english language despite being politically American"

Boricua "But how ju stop my car to tell me dat i haf a problema espeaking if ju no hear me talk before ju stop me?"

Police Officer "Well the reason I first stopped you was to cite you for the obstruction of safe driving"

Boricua "Whatchu mean officel?"

Police Officer "That damn giant puerto rican flag covering your entire windshield is a driving hazard dumbass! stupid proud ricans! I hate Puerto Rico."
by We hate Carlos December 17, 2006
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