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THE frat of all frats. Not only do AGR's work hard and study hard, but they party even harder. The ladies concider the boys to be the nicest and finest around. Their hospitality towards women is beyond kind. They always show them a good time and even let them stay the night. AGR's are typically ag majors, and most of them are country boys, so you know they can throw down the booze. Don't mess around with one or you're askin for a straight up ass kickin.
John: Hey I was thinking about joining AGR, what do you think?

Member: Let me see you shotgun that beer.
(John fucks up the shotgun)

Member: Go look at Betas you pussy.

Lady: Hey you goin to AGR's party this weekend?

Other lady: Well which one?

Lady: Any?

Other lady: Well i'll be at all of them because they're bad ass and not queers like Betas
by Wazzu AGR September 28, 2009
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