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PG-1 is a story
Yu was sitting in the car, checking on Jin's definitions on UD as always. Yu was a little bit emotional and cried.. due to some events that happened lately between them.
All of sudden, Yu saw a jet was flying high up at an angle just to suddenly make a 90 degree to fly right down. Yu turned her head toward the jet and looked, thinking "hmm that aircraft was fast and I could not see who was flying. I wish I could. Flying all the way up here just to fly down so suddenly? For what reason?"

Yu decided to just follow her intuition this time. (Yu had always been confident in her ability to sense things correctly. Lately, Yu starts distrusting her ability). Yu tried to catch up with that jet.. Suprisingly, that jet was ways faster than Yu expected. "Okay. Now this seems very suspicious. I am driving 40mph and still could not catch up" - Yu thought. Finally, Yu made it and it was not because she litterally made it, but it was because that Jet was going to stop. "Hey, why suddenly create this traffic jam when there is no one in front of you? This must be an old lady who does not know how to fly or a kidnap scene that I only saw in a movie.."

Yu opened the door, thinking she should let it running and open in case something goes wrong. Yu walked to the Jet..prepared for the worst. She could not believe in her eyes. She busted out crying again. Jin looked at her and said: "Please don't. I told you not to cry again."
Yu: Here, take my hand. I want to show you around. It's been a long time, Jin..
Jin: ... I'm still mad at you but I can't get myself anymore..

by Wanderlust ® January 6, 2022
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She remembers so well what was said and written during that time. Daydreaming, déjà vu, she closes her eyes and recalls... Suddenly, she feels a light cold air keeps blowing to her face.

Jin: *flaps his hand in front of her face* Heyy.. Why are you sleeping while sitting like this?? Wake up...
Yu: Huh? I'm not sleeping.. I'm dreaming.
Jin: oh it's very different, I see ... :)
Yu: Do you know that it has been 100 days since the day you asked me...? I know you were just joking and playing with me but I could not help myself but smiling all the time at that time, day after day, and still smile everytime I think of that moment. Even though the Chahi's accent was kind of odd but I was very "you"... the way you talked to me... I recognize you.. I just did. That moment will forever be in my heart because no one ever did that to me...

Jin: *Clueless* What's moment?
Yu: Oh man.... I'm gonna bite you
Jin: Human don't bite like cat... Be polite..
Yu: I'm gonna..
Jin: Gonna what? :)) JUST GO TO BED, YU! It's late!
by Wanderlust ® March 23, 2022
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She remembers...

Treasach: " one per table"
Yu: "gotcha"

She signed the book. Turned to her right side, she saw Jin was sitting at the table, eating, and.. looking at her.

She thought, "Why is he looking at me? This makes me nervous.."

She turned around to observe which seat would be the best. She prefered sitting in the back to observe, but this time she couldn't do so because he sat very far back.. Yu walked around just to corner back to where Jin was.

Yu: "May I sit here?"
Jin: "Uhm, yes"

Yu was about to sit down, that Treasach approached her, " one per table."
Yu: "oh sorry" (I heard you the first time. I just wanted to sit next to him)

Yu bitterly moved to a different table on the left side.

Yu kept constantly went online on the app to see if Jin did too. Jin stepped out two times. The last time he stepped away was at around 1243 p.m. *Hmm his bookbag is still here. Let go check on him.."

She thought, "Erm.. sht.. He is right there sitting on the couch. How do I get pass this area without him knowing that I went out to check on him? «Facepalm» What am I doing? Why does my heart beat fast and loudly? Sht .."

Yu: Hi, how are you?
Jin: What's that?
Yu: *@#d I'm freaking nervous man, stop!!!* I SAID.. How are youu?
Jin: *smile* I'm doing fine. How are you?
Yu: I'm doing fine..

She walked away, held her breath. In her mind, "What am I doing? Why did I walk away when I wanted to talk to him? Let go back and check if he is still there.."

He was still there...
Yu: How are your eyes?
Jin: I can't hear you from there..
Yu: *sat down at a distance* Can you hear me now? ....
Jin: A little bit..
Yu: *move an inch closer* How's about now?
Jin: It's better..

He wanted her to sit closer, next to him.. but she was very silly, nervous, and childish to realize that at the moment..

His voice warmed her heart at a distance. If she got any closer, then she would melt into magma..

The couch was soft, but wasn't as soft as his kind heart to her (at that time).
She wished she could give him part of her eyesight because not only she could see things extremely clearly, but also could read ppl well.

The class ended. He walked to another class.. He looked at her as he walked away..

Yu went to sit at where he was sitting after he left the place.
From that day forward, she usually sat at the area where he sat – laid her back against the wall (just like he did) and studied..

She wished he would come and saw how much she missed him.

He never came. So, she closed her eyes and took a nap, every time.

Was it the day she knew? The day he left at 343. The first day that she bursted out crying when she came home that night. 811 819 821

Ido love you❤️
He would love to
see her…
But he can’t .
So he pours it out here.
He waits for the mornings sometimes…
Words come freely.
Sunrise is now …
She is first thing always

She is the best…
It’s fine…just
wants her to know …again
She is so
Loved 🥰
NeverEnough_258 July 12, 2021
by Wanderlust ® July 11, 2022
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It's when «You hold my hand. You gently pull me closer to your heart. I lay my hands on your chest just to keep a slight distance between you and I. It's cold outside but I can feel the warmth in your heart. Your heat warms me up like a personal heater. You gaze deep into my eyes. Your nose almost touches mine. You whisper that you have loved me and missed me as much as I have. You run your fingers through my hair. "May I?" - You ask. So gently and tenderly, you kiss me.»

It's when «You are so gentle to me. You let me use stethoscope on you just for me to hear your heartbeat 💓. I find myself catching my breath even though I am not running. "Can you show me how to use this thing? I can't hear well using it." - I asked... "Well then come closer, put your ear right next to my heart and listen to it.."»

It's when spring comes, flowers bloom and birds return. I'm sitting on the couch, caresing your hair and face while you are resting your head on my lap and peacefully sleeping on a Saturday afternoon. The birds are singing. The pets are playing. The wind is slightly blowing, and we are enjoying beautiful sounds from the wind chimes.
If there was a parallel world, I'd want to be very intimate with you.
by Wanderlust ® January 22, 2022
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I meant "Hold me. Embrace me. Wrap your arms around me and don't let go."

Hug is an expression of heart that words alone cannot explain.
Can you hug me ... even just once?
by Wanderlust ® December 26, 2022
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Momentum = Motion in Mass.
He has always been known as a straight A's guy. She is going to have a Physics exam upcoming weeks. She asks him to come over and tutor her..

Girl: I have trouble understand the concept of "Momentum" and how it works. Can you help me...?

Guy: Sure! It's pretty easy. P = m•v whereas P is momentum, defined by M (Mass) and V (Velocity). In another word, momentum is "mass in motion".

Girl: Can you give me an example..?

Guy: Sure...

Girl: Yes..? Why are you blushing? Do you have a fever? Are you alright? Do you need a cup of water or something..?

Guy: .. Can you come here? I will show you an example that you are asking for..

Don't you love physics? It's the fundamental of many things..

Nerd Jokes, Rules ABC, Disclaimer.
by Wanderlust ® November 23, 2021
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The First
The Last
The Founding Father (1789 to 1797)
The Last Greatest (1901 to 1909)
Mount Rushmore
by Wanderlust ® January 12, 2022
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