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A friend you are very close with, but are not officially their Boy/Girlfriend. Glorified Booty Call.Part-time lover.Person you wish was your Boy/Girlfriend,but you have not asked them yet.Someone you are in serious like with.Prospective steady G-friend.
dude#1;Hey,are you still Erik's Semi-Girlfriend? Semi-G says,Yeah,I don't expect him to ask this "Old Cougar",I'm just Semi-Boy/girlfriend status.
by Vons Mom April 28, 2007

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G.B.C.- Glorified booty call,is when someone is someone's steady fuck buddy,but really does not care, or love them as much as they act. Generally a semi- girlfriend,or semi-boyfriend who is fucking you just because they can,and maybe they like you just a little bit too.
" Man, I wish I was more than a G B C to my semi- Boy-friend.
by VONS MOM May 30, 2007

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Being there first. Soldiers on the front line. Rock'n'Roll visonaries. Leaders of the pack. Mountian bike slang"death march'n", going in head first.
Dude#1;When all these posers are done wit that crap i'll be there ready to lead the way to Rock'n'Roll bliss!Dude#2;YO' I know you be march'n in front,'cause you Rock!
by vons mom May 01, 2007

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When you do things for someone, not just so you can get laid, Above and beyond the call of booty.b
Girlfriend: Hey,my Semi-boyfriend just took me out to the movies,and knew I was going home right afterward without him. Girlfriend#2:WOW, that was so A B C B!
by Vons Mom April 28, 2007

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